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Site News Update: Heroine TV has moved!

I'm posting all new entries on my new site: http://www.heroinetv.com  I will still be checking this site for comments, and all the entries will stay here through the end of the year.  LiveJournal is awesome, but I'm moving on.


Heroine TV

I'm experimenting with a new website.  What do you think? I used a tool to import all my LiveJournal entries, but some of the video didn't transfer.  I will keep both for now, but I may start posting exclusively on WordPress.
Heroine TV
Yes, I am aware that I watch far too much TV. Shut up. Here is part 1 of the Smallville panel, complete with Tom Welling himself.  I stand by my judgment that Tom Welling is far hotter than the character he plays (sorry, I am such a girl).  Warning: I was able to find these vids that cover the whole panel, but the picture is not the best & the camera work is shaky. 
For a clearer picture, TheWB.com posted a short clip.  Enjoy!

You can watch the rest of the panel here:
YouTube - Smallville Comic Con 2009 Part 1 - Tom gets a standing ovation
YouTube - Smallville Comic Con 2009 Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Here's a fun interview with the Dollhouse master-minds. Enjoy.

I hope Joss wasn't kidding about the Noir femme fatale, because AWESOME!  Sept. 25th can't come soon enough, but on that note: today is Dollhouse dvd release date!  Plenty to keep me busy until season 2.  Look forward to reviews etc.

Felicia Day continues to be adorable

Click on the link below to watch Michael Ausiello give a fun interview with Felicia Day about The Guild and Dollhouse, etc. 
*Comic-Con 4_3 Single Video Player

SDCC 2009 Lost Panel Video

nuDia.tv, product of Jay & Jack (The Lost Podcast) and other very talented people, has posted the entire video of this year's Lost panel.  Enjoy.  There are a lot of special guests!

nuDia.tv - Are You Nu?


Merlin: "The Beginning of the End"

Warning: Spoilers for Merlin 1x08, "The Beginning of the End"!


  • There is a man in a hooded cloak holding the hand of a little boy, who is also in a hooded cloak.  Are they Jedi?
  • The man asks a merchant for supplies, and the merchant apologizes for selling them out (the latter part was silent).  Oh yeah, guards are approaching.  Merlin magically hears the little boy's scream.  The father (or is he?) uses magic. He distracts the guards so that his son can get away.
  • Credits, with that lovely theme music.
  • The little boy talks to Merlin with his mind, asking him to help him.  Merlin finds him.  Does that little boy looks creepy and evil … or is it just me?  I think he's probably evil, as so many children on television are. Merlin takes the child to Morgana's chambers, who is in there with Gwen. Morgana decides to help Merlin out, despite his supreme uncoolness of last week (reminder: urging Arthur on with the evil Sofia, with supreme disregard for Morgana).
Read more...Collapse ) </div>


Click on the link below to check out the Vampire Diaries panel at San Diego Comic-Con.  Vampire Diaries is a new show, airing on CW in the Fall, based on a series of books by L.J. Smith. It's kind of like Twilight, minus the Mormon subtext and creepy Robert Pattinson. Also, thankfully, no sparkles.  Bonus: Boone from Lost (Ian Somerhalder) plays the bad-boy (a really bad-boy, as in he kills people) vampire
Videos of the Vampire Diaries Comic Con panel : Vampire-Diaries.net | A Fansite for L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries

The Chuck Panel at SDCC

The Chuck panel from this year's San Diego Comic-Con is now posted on GMMR and NBC. I have also included it below. There are some hilarious moments in which Adam Baldwin references Joss Whedon and Firefly. Enjoy.

Watch the CHUCK Panel at Comic Con | Give Me My Remote

Heroes Panel at SDCC

Click on the link below to watch the full video of this year's Heroes panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.  Enjoy.
NBC Video Rewind



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